Sponsorships are all about emotion, yet most of them are sold rationally. To prove value and find a common language with media planning agencies and brands, sports and other events organizers have to provide data and insights. Our AI driven computer vision software tracks advertising objects in video content, and provides detailed reports and data which help measure real sponsorship value and make data driven decisions.

For sports and other events

Increase sponsorhip value AI driven computer vision technology measures and constantly monitors the value you create for you sponsors on TV and other video platforms. This allows you to manage advertising inventory more accurately and maximize sponsorship revenues as well as provide data and prove value for your sponsors, strengthen partnerships – all while increasing revenue.

For Brands

Get the most of your investments Traditional way of dealing with sponsorships without clear media valuation today has become obsolete. provides data and insights that allow maximizing brand exposure and impact, adjust your promotional campaign, evaluate which advertising positions perform best and – subsequently – get the most out of your sponsorship investments.

For Media Agencies

New advertising inventory Constantly having access to high accuracy data from selected sports and other events’ video content provides media agencies with the opportunity to include new advertising inventory, such as advertising positions on the playing court or LED screens, set and manage campaigns using popular pricing methods such as CPM (cost per mile) based on logo tracking, TV and internet audience data.

What is included in our visual analytics report?


Find out how many times and when exactly each logo was exposed (different logo versions can be tracked simultaneously)


Average size of each logo exposed


A sum of each logo’s exposure duration


Advertising value calculation tool


Check how your logo compares to other logos and advertising positions in the same video


Find out which advertising positions perform best


One brand subscribtion plan One-off one brand project Premium subscribtion plan One time premium project
Tracking one brand one logo (unlimited logo versions)
Tracking all logos (unlimited logo versions)
Duration of video content per period/project 12 Hours 12 Hours 36 Hours 36 Hours
Detailed PDF report (times, duration, size)
Advertising value calculator
Compare with other selected brands
Performance of different advertising positions
Raw xml data export
Find out when and how your advertising inventory performs
Advertising inventory performance evaluation by timeline
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